About: Organizations in the developing world have long been burdened by managing large-scale data collection efforts using paper-based forms. Today, we are witnessing a technology revolution in which new tools for mobile data collection and automatic digitization have the potential to radically transform the management of data in resource-constrained settings.

This workshop will connect leading organizations, having field operations in India, with an international cadre of researchers who are developing the latest tools for collecting and managing data. Our goals are to identify new research directions, to disseminate the latest technologies from the lab to the field, and to forge new long-term collaborations that are beneficial to both researchers and practitioners.

Workshop Program

Day 1 (July 23)

Day 2 (July 24)

Workshop Registration

All participants are required to register for the workshop in advance.

Please visit this page to register. Note that there is a reduced fee for those who are only attending the workshop. Also, there is a discount available for students and NGOs.

Workshop Format

The workshop will be highly interactive, in order to promote a lively exchange between researchers and practitioners. Rather than inviting peer-reviewed papers, we invited short presentations and demonstrations that highlight participants' tools, experiences, or requirements in collecting and managing data in the developing world.

The workshop will contain the following elements:

  • Short Presentations: researchers and practitioners briefly describe their tools, experiences, or requirements for data collection (10 minutes each).

  • Demo/Poster Session: researchers demonstrate or describe the use of their tools for collecting or digitizing data.

  • Working Sessions: small groups of researchers and practitioners discuss specific areas of interest, and report back to the group with their findings.

We plan to synthesize the findings into the workshop into a short report, to be included with the MDM conference proceedings.


The workshop will be held in the Chancery Pavillion, which is centrally located in Bangalore, India.

Additional details on travel and local information is available on the MDM conference website.


Sharad Jaiswal, Bell Labs, India

Bill Thies, Microsoft Research India

Gautam John, Akshara Foundation

Mayank Kedia, ICTPH


The organizers can be reached at dataworkshop2012@gmail.com.

Confirmed participants: